Alchemy Line

The Alchemy Line for Molly June II available in store, and at my sister Salon Molly June in Quincy California. I will ship products as well just call me @ 530-354-6454 or email me

The Oil Hair and Skin Youth Serum- 2floz $120.00

Also Available in 10z $62.00

Healing Honey Mask-2floz $28.00

Healing Honey Mask Sensitive Skin-2floz $28.00

Gentle Sugar Scrub-2oz $28.00

Wellness Soak-160z $38.00

Detox Soak-16oz $38.00

Healing Fleurs Soak-16oz $38.00

The Masque ( Pre-Shampoo Treatment)-4oz $45.00

Northern Hemisphere…..a hair fragrance! 8 oz $ 28.00untitled-3-20